Moses on My Campus

As many of you know I am blogging (and attending classes) from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville these days.   The transition has been a confusing one.  State school and Harding tend to have very different atmospheres.

One of the most confusing is a middle-aged roaming preacher named Moses.  To say he is a preacher is a little bit misleading.

Now, as I am sure happens with characters like this, much lore has risen about Gary Bowman (A.K.A. Moses).  One such rumor is that he does this kind of thing to get people upset enough to take a swing at him so that he can press charges.  Others say that he comes out to make inflammatory enough statements that U of A asks him to leave so that he can say his free speech was squashed on public property.  Whatever the case, he is easily viewable on YouTube.

I sat and listened to Gary for about an hour today.  He is a smart man who knows his Bible.  I don’t know how to react to him however.  I don’t believe it is my place to act the way that most people do, and that is to show up and heckle.

Mostly I am sad.  Like I said, Gary knows his Bible and he is a passionate guy.  It just stinks that someone who was given those things in great amounts has chosen to use them this way. 

Follow the link to some video of Gary from over the years.


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