Movies that Christians Should See

what-dreams-may-come[1]Below is a list of movies that I have complied that I think every Christian needs to see.  Some of them are great Christian stories.  Others are combination movies about other religions or world views, others still are just good satire.  Though numbered they are not in any specific order.

1) What Dreams May Come
This is a great movie, mostly about heaven.  It is kind of the beginning of Robin William’s serious career before it got crappy (i.e. Death to Smoochy).  Great things to think about while watching this movie are reincarnation, what you think heaven will be like, will we appear as ourselves in heaven, who goes to heaven. 

2) The Mission
This is the story about Jesuit missionaries who side with the Indians they are ministering to in the jungles of Bolivia rather than the empire they serve.  Stars Robert De Nero, Jeremy Irons and Liam Neson.  A great story about liberation movements in Latin America.  This move is loosely based on many true stories.

3) Amazing Grace
A true story about the movements and men that helped lead to the end of slavery.  Has very little to do with the song from whence it takes its name, though it was written by a man who sailed slave ships for much of his life. 

4) Saved
Just great satire about how people often see Christians as a result of many of our actions. 

5) The Fountain
A movie that blends many religious thoughts into one visually beautiful movie.  Discussions on heaven, hell, after life, love, symbolism and suffering come with it.  And so good looking!

6) Luther
A good and pretty accurate story about the origins of the Protestant Movement.  Honestly follows Luther as he wrestles with things like whether to reform or break away. 

7) Shadowlands
This is the story of C.S. Lewis and his marriage.  It is a great look into the life and thoughts of one of the greatest theologians for the 20th century.  Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. 

8) Brother Sun, Sister Moon
This is the story of my favorite Saint: Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan monks and for whom the city of San Francisco is named for.  St. Francis is perhaps one of the earliest monks for the poor, who spent a great deal of his life barefoot and cold in order to best identify with those he was ministering to.

Honorable Mention:
Lord of the Rings
Chronicles of Narnia
Passion of the Christ
Ten Commandments
Prince of Egypt

Any that you would add?


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