No Stranger to Disappointment: Life of a Kansas City Chief Fan


I grew up in an Oakland Raider home–Los Angeles Raiders when I was a kid.  My dad would spend Sundays and occasionally a Monday night shouting at the television as his beloved Raiders tried and tried but every year just couldn’t finish the job.  I am sure his greatest disappointment came when his son walked into the room at nine-years-old and declared that he was a Kansas City Chiefs fan. 

It was a promising looking time for the Chiefs.  We had the dynamic duo of Marcus Allen and Joe Montana on offense who were both pillars in previous Super-Bowl teams.  On defense we had Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas.  But we couldn’t convert that into any sort of success after the regular season.

Over the past twelve years we have seen some disappointing strategies.  Sometimes they pick up a rookie that they think will be incredible, but refuse to let him go once he doesn’t pan out.  Other times they get young guys but aren’t willing to let them develop, eventually trading them away to develop elsewhere.  Other times, they’ll get a good player, but will put all of their hopes and dreams on that one player, not looking to build a team around that guy, and instead hoping to be carried to the post season by a super-star.  This has been the problem with Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson.

Our continual struggle since Montana has been that we don’t have a quarterback.  They picked up veteran Warren Moon for a while, but a good three years past his prime.  We had Rich Gannon, but cut him too soon only to see him really develop as a quarterback when we passed him off to Oakland and he took them to a Super-Bowl. 

I am not a fair-weather fan.  I will be and have been a Chiefs fan for a long time.  I just hope that eventually, someday, this hope and love pays off.


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