Recession RunAways


There was a good segment in the October 26 and 27th New York Times about the increase of runaway children since the recession started.

I encourage you to read it if you can get your hands on it or look it up online.  Here are some interesting things from it. 

  • Over the past two years there has been an increase in the number of runaway children, especially those under 13.
  • annually there are about 1.6 million children who runaway or are thrown out of their homes.
  • Most of them return home within a week.
  • Groups who are federally financed to work with the under-age homeless population logged 550,000 people in 2002.  That number in 2008 was 761,000.
  • This rise in underage homeless people may be because it is becoming harder for teenagers to find a first time job.  Since many life-long workers are loosing their jobs, they are downgrading to jobs traditionally dominated by young workers. 
  • The homeless population is expected to rise 10-20%
  • Between 2004-2009 there were 61,452 missing persons cases reported.
  • Of those 9,625 of those were never put into any sort of database for police. 
  • Of those 267 of those people were never found.
  • 58 were found dead. 

These are important things to know for anyone who is working with youth or spends any time working with the poor and impoverished with effects that transcend into many other aspects of society today.


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