Attack Evolution!

According to a recent CNN story child-star turned active evangelist Kirk Cameron has written his own version of Origin of The Species.

He and his organization are handing out his reductionist work with a new 55 page introduction around the country.  The looks of it is that the introduction is a pretty standard anti-evolutionist stand.  Rather than attacking the science, they attack the scientist: calling Darwin Anti-woman, racist and a plethora of other things.

One thing they rest on is showing how evil evolution is because it led Hitler to kill 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. 

Sources say that Cameron and his group will also be producing their own algebra, history, and romance novels with introductions that point out that Hitler believed in those things too, thus they are evil.

The CNN story does a good job of pointing out that some would suggest that you can believe in evolution and Jesus.  That is a popular stand that doesn’t compromise your soul.  It is possible that God created the earth and the creatures in it and that by adaptation we have ended up with the genetic diversity that we have today. 

I don’t know what the “right way” to discuss evolution is.  But,  I am pretty sure that handing out loaded books is not the way t go about it…

Though I do want one…


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4 responses to “Attack Evolution!”

  1. sauer kraut says :

    Religion attacking science because science is not religion. All because religion is not the alternative to science. Two different domains which rarely intersect, and certainly not when it comes to evolution.

  2. coleyoakum says :

    And see, I would disagree.

    I think that there are perfectly good ways to be an evolutionist-Christian. I don’t know if those views are right or wrong, but I think that there is room for conversations on those issues.

    Ideas like Gap Theory as well as an allegorical reading of Genesis are ways that many people have reconciled the two which seem to be pretty well thought out and possible points.

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