“I’m your Stalker…”

It is pretty funny though quite enjoyable to have someone say something like this to you every once in a while.

Tonight I was hanging out with some friends and one of them said to me, “I totally stalk you online.  I like to read your writings.”

Like I said, this is often flattering, though it is difficult to really know what to say to that.  Thanks?  Why?  Oh, I stalk you too…

It is a cool age that we live in where we can follow the ideas of people who we aren’t really that close to but whose opinions we really respect.  For instance, I have met Mike Cope once, swapped an email or two, but I am largely a stranger to him.  However, I find that his wisdom and often his practical advise for people in ministry is quite insightful, so I follow his blog.  Richard Beck constantly challenges me to think in higher ways, so I follow his blog.  I really respect and admire the work that Mark Driscoll has done, though he is in Seattle, I can still listen to his podcasts.

We are in a cool age where knowledge is constantly being made available to those who are seeking it.

We are also in a dangerous age where seekers can walk into some pretty heretical stuff that is being passed off as wisdom.  This is also a great platform for people to spread their bad ideas, poor theology and develop a following of the dooped.  Often these people are well-intentioned people who for some reason or another just have a bad idea.

I always hope that I am of the former not the latter.  I hope that I can share some wisdom and experience that I have had in a way that is useful for someone else to glean from.  I hope that I am never a spreader of bad ideas that trick people.

The lesson in all of this:  Be careful who you stalk, but I am flattered none the less.


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About coleyoakum

My name is Coleman Yoakum. I am formerly a student at Harding University. Today you can find me in Detroit Michigan doing what I can to expand the Kingdom of God and preparing to start an intentional community in Pontiac. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, music and politics. I am sure that all of these things will find their way to this blog from time to time. Twitter: coleyoakum Facebook: Coleman Yoakum Email: coleyoakum@gmail.com Flickr: flickr.com/photos/coleyoakum/

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