Martin Luther King(s)

As many of you probably knew, this past Monday was Martin Luther King Day.  Sadly I was too busy on Monday to celebrate the way I normally do: a double feature of the “I have a Dream” speech as well as “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam.”  I made up for that today.

Tonight however Logan and I were able to attend the University of Arkansas Distinguished Lecture Series as they presented Martin Luther King III, to discuss his father’s legacy. 

The night was a fun one.  He is a funny speaker with some great things to say.  He talked a lot about the problems still facing us today including poverty, violence, and injustice.  We talked about unjust systems around the world and right here at home, including 45 million people unable to afford healthcare.  He mentioned Haiti only in passing but did talk a lot about the hypocrisy in fighting violence at home, while sending thousands overseas to fight. 

I stood up at the Q & A and asked if he had any other nonviolent writers that he would recommend.  I was recieved a lot better at this microphone than at microphones past.  He suggested Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, the Dali Lama and his father. 

The night was a good one.  It was pretty amazing to see the variety of people there and thinking before this mans father, that wasn’t possible.  Quite an accomplishment.  Quite a feat.

Go in peace.


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