God and Slavery

I am working on a research paper. 

I am getting started early because this is a really interesting topic that I want to do justice.  My topic is Biblical Defenses of Slavery.  I am focusing mostly on the ideas promoted from pulpits in the 1800s for the institution of slavery in America. 

They are varied.  Some suggest that America as a Christian nation is just continuing the institution that God set up when he cursed Ham and sent him to Africa.  Others follow a Calvinist idea that slaves were predestined to be slaves and they are what they are because God wanted them to be that.  Some people said flat out, Look the Bible says not to envy each others slaves.  Paul sent a slave back to his master.  If you are looking for writings on slavery to defend you point you have to go out to secular writings of the world and leave the Holy Scriptures out of it.

It is an interesting topic, and a sad one.  The most powerful quote, and the one I believe I will lead off with is from Abraham Lincoln.

“They all read the same Bible, and prayed to the same God…The prayers of both could not be answered.”


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