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John Dominic Crossan is one of the leading voices in the search for the “Historical Jesus.”  Historical Jesus meaning actual Jesus not the religious version of Jesus that we see in the Bible.  The question is always who was Jesus really, what did Jesus really do and what was his death actually like.  This mindset approaches the Bible as a lie that needs to be re-truthed.

For his ideas and opinions he is one of the noted scholars along with Marcus Borg who is part of the Jesus Seminar. The Jesus Seminar is a group of high-brow “Christian” scholars who get together every so often to look at their Bibles and decide what did and didn’t really happen.  Borg, along with most of the Jesus Seminar is (in my opinion) not really  a Christian since he says he doesn’t believe that Christ was resurrected at all, just that he was a good teacher.

Crossan is a bit more moderate than Borg and the rest of the Seminar.  I already own and love his book Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography which was required for a class I took last semester.  But today I was able to find The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant  at the Fayetteville Public Library on sale for three dollars. 

It is a little over 500 pages so it is going to be a little while before you see this in My Library but I am excited to dive in when I get a chance.


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