Which King Are You? Asa

Abijah’s son was a guy named Asa whose name means “healer.” 

Asa starts out doing everything right.  He is clearing the land of idol worship.  Back then there was a cult going around which gathered to worship at places with a stone pole in the ground.  These poles were called Asherah poles and were always around, always being torn down by good Godly Jews and alway popping back up again.  It was a constant game o whack-a-mole with the Asherah worshippers. 

So, Asa is going around and destroying these poles and telling people to worship the one true god.  When he goes into battle he asks God for help and God delivers him.  He is doing all that God asks of him. 

One day, Asa hears a good sermon from a typical prophet of the day.  He tells Asa. “As long as you are with God, he is with you.”  This makes Asa feel even better so he keeps on crushing idols, tearing down poles and helping to steer Judah back to worshipping God. 

Later in life though, as the nation is back on track and things are taken car of in-house, Asa begins focusing on things abroad.  He makes deals and agreements with nations that he shouldn’t, and when his preacher comes and asks him about it, he throws him in jail.  He stops talking to God and consulting God because he is too busy, until eventually he stops talking to God completely.  At the end of his life he is suffering from an illness and deformity, but still doesn’t ask God for help. 

What happened?  He seemed so promising.  He came from a good, Godly family.  He started his career with such fervor and passion and in the end it just fizzled out and in his last days he looks like he never knew God at all.  What is up with that?

Asa strikes me as the person who is raised to know how he is supposed to live, but in the course of life, just gets busy. 

I see Asa, raised in a believing home.  His father was a good guy with strong convictions who believed in what he stood for, knew God and raised his kids to know God.  Asa believed and did what was right.  He grew up knowing God and knowing what it was to worship God.  When he became king he did the right thing by tearing down the poles, listening to Godly men, and continuing to work to get rid of the idols, but in the end he gets bogged down with the responsibilities of running a country that he forgets who he is really working for. 

Asa is the guy who grew up in a Christian home, went to a good school, got a good job and began his young life the right way, but as responsibilities piled on and piled on he began to forget the important things because he had responsibilities that were weighing on him.  eventually he stops going to church, stops thinking in Godly terms and starts thinking in terms of other things.  He gets so bogged down in his mortgage, providing for his family, being successful at his job that he misses the big picture, which is that his family and he need God. 

Easy to do isn’t it?  I am the worst about it.  I will never forget catching myself in college sometimes saying, “I am really tired from the week, I am going to just sleep through church.”  Often I would finish that up with, “Just this once.”  But once became twice, twice became three times and before I knew it I had only gone to church about three times in a semester.  And I was a Bible major!

All the time I would, either in action or conscious decision, decide I was too tired to pray. 

Always I was too busy or too involved in extracurriculars to really mind my own spiritual growth.  And that was just in college.  I forsee much of the same future for myself in my career: being too busy for family time, too tired for church on Sunday, and preoccupied with other things to really mind the spiritual growth of my family. 

I read a lot of my own life into Asa because I think that we face the same problems.  I don’t know that I will do any better of a job running my kingdom than he did.


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