Aging out of the Foster Care System

I posted this article in the “Interesting Reads” section of my blog but felt that it deserved its own shout out on the main page since it is a bit more important than my photographs. 

I thought this article was good, informative and interesting.  It is something that I deal with every day in my line of work at Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter and something tha I have been hearing a lot about since starting work at CASA.  In some additional training that I did with CASA that specialized in older kids we talked about a lot of the issues and statistics that go along with kids who get too old for foster care.  Here are some of those:

  • According to Arkansas DHS, in 2009 there will be 248 kids who become too old for foster care and will be released to live on their own.  That is just in the state of Arkansas.
  • Nationally, 6% of “aged out” foster kids will earn a degree from a two year or four year university.
  • Nationally, 25% will not get their high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Nationally, 25% will experience homelessness. 
  • 76% of 23 to 24 year olds are employed as compared with only 52% of former foster kids that same age.

These are some of the facts that the article and a recent study out of Chicago/Washington Universities are built around, but it really says a lot more than that and I encourage everyone to go read it sometime soon.


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