World Post War

I am sitting in my living room, watching my friend Tyler play a video game called Fallout.  From what I gather it is a game about the planet earth post-nuclear war.  It looks traditionally like most of these games and movies, and I have been sitting here asking him (annoying) questions about what we think the world will be like if something like that were to really happen.  Tyler is a clear-thinking Republican, I am and idealist Democrat (mostly).  We’re both history majors with aspirations of teaching so it has been a pretty funny conversation.  I will give you some thoughts, and then tell you about some of our conversations.

  1. With the exception of Water World, most of these movies are pretty desert like. 
  2. Everyone Smokes
  3. Everyone has guns
  4. They look like the wild west
  5. There is no technology.  I have a hard time imagining that if something like that were to occur that we would also forget everything about how we make the world work. 

Me:  Do you think there will be a religious revival as a result or an exodus from faith.
Tyler:  I don’t know.
Me:  I think it will be divided based on intelligence levels.  I think that smart people will abandon faith while dumber people will organize around fundamentalism. 

Me:  Why is there no technology?
Tyler:  Everyone is too busy fighting for their lives.  No one has time to go start up the generators, or make electricity.
Me:  You really think that every day will be a life or death struggle?
Tyler:  Yeah.

Me:  All these games and movies have everyone carrying around guns.
Tyler:  Well yea, you have to defend yourself. 
Me:  From what?
Tyler: People with guns.
Me:  Good point

Me:  In a post-apocalyptic world, where would you go?
Tyler:  Depends, who got nuked?
Me:   All major cities.
Tyler:  Then I would stay here in Northwest Arkansas.
Me:  Is that because it’s where you are or because that is best. 
Tyler:  I would want to sta here because it would keep me away from all the crazy stuff going on in other places. 
Me:  I would go to Costa Rica
Tyler:  How would you get there?
Me:  Walk, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Me:  Why does everyone in these worlds smoke?
Tyler:  Why wouldn’t they?
Me:  Because they’d die.

Me:  There is a lot of bad language in the post-apocalyptic world. 
Tyler:  There is a lot of bad language now.


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My name is Coleman Yoakum. I am formerly a student at Harding University. Today you can find me in Detroit Michigan doing what I can to expand the Kingdom of God and preparing to start an intentional community in Pontiac. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, music and politics. I am sure that all of these things will find their way to this blog from time to time. Twitter: coleyoakum Facebook: Coleman Yoakum Email: Flickr:

One response to “World Post War”

  1. Sarah says :

    Oh hi, Coleman, I’m just stalking you on your blog today.
    I laughed out loud at this: “I think it will be divided based on intelligence levels. I think that smart people will abandon faith while dumber people will organize around fundamentalism.”

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