Church of Christer Does Lent, Reflection

So, before I became completely swallowed up by my George Benson research (which I will be writing about soon as well) I was writing about Lent and my challenge to eat nothing but vegetables from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Here are some thoughts on that.

  • I started out strong and excited.  I was buying veggies, eating veggies, trying veggies, and living a veggie life.  In everything that I do, I start out strong and excited.
  • I did really well for about two weeks, then compromise creeps in.  “Well, its only five, but my friends are eating now.  Jesus wouldn’t want me to not eat with my friends, right?”  “What about a veggie sub?  I mean, how off could it be?  The word ‘veggie’ is in the title!”  “Veggie burger?” 
  • Once you do that often enough, you end up just throwing up your hands and saying, “Well, I have screwed it up so much, what’s the point in still going?”  So, I just quit all together, but continued to feel guilt any time I ate something I wasn’t supposed to.
  • This, often to the ridicule of others who had been there to see the excitement.  “So, how about those veggies, Coleman?” which always hurt a little.
  • Despite being an outright failure, here’s what my Lenten diet did do:  It at least kept my food on my mind.  Though I would compromise with a veggie sub, that is still better than I would have done without my Lenten committment.  I think that this is what Christianity has done in our lives.  We have given up trying to follow Christ’s words in a literal sense, but I think that Christianity does keep our mind on the literal commands so that we make better compromises.  I did have some success, there were some benefits.  I lost ten pounds. But I guess the question for the Christ-follower is how literal should we take Jesus? 
  • In the end, my Lent looked a lot like much of my spiritual life, a series of compromises and convenient forgetfulness which at the end of the day just made me look like everyone else. 

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My name is Coleman Yoakum. I am formerly a student at Harding University. Today you can find me in Detroit Michigan doing what I can to expand the Kingdom of God and preparing to start an intentional community in Pontiac. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, music and politics. I am sure that all of these things will find their way to this blog from time to time. Twitter: coleyoakum Facebook: Coleman Yoakum Email: Flickr:

2 responses to “Church of Christer Does Lent, Reflection”

  1. David says :

    As a curious question, do you believe that better compromises are good enough?

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