Micah 6 Community: Values

Greetings,  Thanks for stopping by!  If you’re a bit confused about what I am talking about here, read the posts building up to this one here.

At Micah 6 Community we hold five core-values as essential to guiding our decisions and organizational direction:

  • Empathy
  • Empowerment
  • Hospitality
  • Expansion
  • Discipleship

Empathy.  There is a fundamental difference between Empathy and Sympathy.  Sympathy suggests that you feel sorry for a person from a distance, but are not experiencing the same feelings as the person you’re observing.  Empathy on the other hand implies that you’re right there with them.  Jesus did not stay in heaven and sympathize for humanity.  Instead, he came to earth and felt the same feelings and lived through the same struggles that humanity lives with daily.  He lowered himself to empathize with people.  Similarly, it would be one thing to live outside of Pontiac, not experiencing their hurts, struggles, joys and victories.  It is another thing to move into the city, feeling the same pressures and experiencing life together.

Empowerment.  Typical structures have shown that giving a hand-out can be easier mechanized than spending time with individuals helping them to cultivate their own gifts.  This can be seen in a variety of ways: welfare checks sent through the mail, soup kitchens that resemble assembly lines; heads down bowls in front of them.  This keeps people coming for hand-outs rather than teaching skills, harnessing passion and creating Christ-followers.  Through teaching skills and spending time with individuals who want to learn, we begin to show them that there is a way of life that is more humanizing and worth living.

Hospitality. Jesus said that his desire for his followers was that they would be known by their love for others.  Often Christians are known for other things—their buildings, their politics, their bumper-stickers.  None of these things are what Jesus had in mind.  Our community is committed to showing radical hospitality to anyone who needs it.  This means that our door will always be open, our dinner table has a seat for anyone who wants to dine with us and that we will always make arrangements for those wanting to come see the work that we are doing first hand.

Expansion.  Southeast Michigan is in rough shape.  In many ways it was the first in to the current economic crisis and will be the last out.  The entire landscape has been shaped by it.  Whole sections of cities are completely empty where neighborhoods used to thrive.  Pontiac is only a small part of the struggle.  Every city and maybe every city block needs a group of people who are willing to live in service to their neighbors.  We hope that as we get our organization off the ground that others will look to us as a model and hope to create similar communities in different locations from Pontiac, to Detroit, to Mount Clemens to the end of the thumb.

Discipleship. As stated before, if we do not share the love and message of Jesus with others we will count our efforts as a failure.  Through our various forms of outreach and service to the community we hope to engage in deeper conversations and activities with those that we serve.  We hope that through these relationships we can enable others to go and disciple others.  We hope to be a community that lays down our lives for our neighbors and invites them all to walk with us in learning more about Jesus Christ.  This means that any activity we do is an opportunity for teaching others.  From planning a Bible study to growing vegetables, we hope to bring our neighbors along in those activities in order to train them up to go out and duplicate the work of Micah 6 Community in other places.

Follow our work more closely:
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