My Mom

I have taken to posting this every year now. After three years it is no less true and she means more to me than ever.

My mom, as far as moms go is a pretty hip lady. She has just had a pretty cool life, and I figured that today, on mothers day, I would just tell you a little bit about her.

My first baby picture taken with her in the hospital, she is holding a Busch Light beer can, as if to say, “finally!”

My mom has had a hand in raising seven kids. Two were not her own, but she was always loving and encouraging just the same. One is a grandchild that I think has brought back a lot of the joy she had for raising babies.

When I was a kid my mom was still active duty in the Air Force, and she would come to pick me up from after school in her BTUs and combat boots. I used to get made fun of a lot for that and be kind of embarassed, but looking back my mom was doing some cool stuff.

My mom totally helped me a lot on my science fair project in 4th grade (first place baby!)

When I was a kid my mom would personally make a lot of my halloween costumes. One year I wanted to go as Shredder from the Ninja Turtles. She watched the movie, made a drawing and made me the coolest costume I ever had. I think I was six. I WAS Shredder.

When my mom retired from the Air Force, she decided that she was going to go to college, something no one in her family had ever done. And she did. She graduated with a degree from UALR with her degree in Public Relations. But she skipped her college graduation ceremony to come see me graduate from High School that same day.

Since I was about 13, my mom and I have always loved our chick flick nights.

I know that everyone thinks their mom is as cool as I think mine is, just make sure you let them know.

Happy mother’s day.

This year I sent my mom a card that read a follows:

“Even though I am not home for Mother’s Day this year, you can be sure I am doing at least one of the following things:

1) Watching a chick flick
2) Flea Marketing
3) Bargain shopping
4) Reading a book
5) Drinking a Diet Dr Pepper

… all of which you taught me to love.


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